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 Grow Forage.

 Build Soil.

Raise healthy  animals.

OUr Mission

at Green Rock Farm is to grow forage, build healthy soil, and raise animals in a sustainable, regenerative ecosystem. 


OUr Management

starts with a focus on our forage. The grasses and broadleaf plants of our pastures capture the most plentiful resource of all, the sun's energy, and store it in their leaves and roots.


 These forage species are food  for our livestock,  as well as the  foundational  building block of  our entire diverse  ecosystem.

We encourage biodiversity by mimicking the natural systems that allow native flora and fauna to thrive alongside the plants and animals we raise on the farm.

WE carefully disperse our animal impact.

We graze using a "management intensive grazing" scheme wherein our animals move to fresh forage everyday, preventing overgrazing and maintaining the health of the ecosystem at large.


 We're committed to the responsible grazier's code of "take  half, leave half," which allows our forage species to grow  strong root systems and build healthy topsoil.

Our livestock

always eat their fill and have enough room to live comfortably and express their natural behaviors.

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