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Hair Sheep

St. Croix/Katahdin Cross


If you are looking for a low maintenance animal that thrives on a forage then these are the sheep for you.


Our sheep; never been dewormed, grain fed, or required hoof trimming. No history of hoof rot. No shearing required either. We manage them in a rotational grazing system and contain them with two strands of polywire. 

Contact us to see what stock we have available for sale.  


South Poll/South Poll Crosses


We raise South Poll cattle, and South Poll crosses. The South Poll breed consists of equal percentages of Red Angus, Senepol, Hereford and Barzona. The breed is quickly becoming a favorite amongst graziers who manage regenerative systems.


South Poll cattle are bred to be slick haired, gentle, heat tolerant, and easy calvers. They are small/moderate framed animals which makes them more efficient producers on just grass than traditional meat breeds. Their smaller frames help to reduce soil compaction during the most sensitive times of the year.


Whether you’re looking to introduce new genetics into your cow/calf operation, or buy in stocker cattle that thrive on grass alone, look no further. Our cattle gain weight efficiently and maintain healthy body condition on just grass and mineral supplement. We have never de-wormed our herd, nor had issues with diseases.

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